Paid To Click Earning Guide

This is just a quick paid to click site earning guide, covering some of the basic ideas and strategies used for earning extra income from paid to click sites and building your downline to reach your cashout faster.

PTC Investing Tips -
You shouldn’t invest anything until you’ve been with a site for more than a month. I always go by the personal rule of not investing with a program until it has paid me at least twice and is still as stable or better than it was when I joined it. You can also save your pocket money by only investing into a program what you receive from it another words when you receive your first payout from a program, use that same money to invest in referrals or premium with that same site.

You can save yourself a little money by building your own downline, you can find a complete guide on that mentioned above at the beginning of this article. There’s nothing wrong with investing with a program, especially if you do your homework. You should read any info and reviews on the program that you can find on the web, also read over that sites forums, see if there are any complaints of orders not received or payments not received. However don’t take forum complaints the wrong way, you shouldn’t just ditch a program based on the amount of topics in complaints alone, some of those complaints are just people that don’t know how to use the site properly or just failed to read the TOS/FAQ.

Using Unstable Sites To Build Your Downline -
Unstable programs are useful too, sometimes. Especially when you’re going to use the site for building referrals. There are many unstable paid to click programs, they are usually the ones that pay more than $0.01 for standard members. You’ll probably never get paid by these program because they fall apart so soon but with the higher pay per click these sites offer, you can build up the balance to convert to ads a lot faster.

These sites will almost always convert to ads regardless of whether or not they can pay their members. When you convert your balance with one of these sites to ads, use your referral link for the program you wish to build referrals on as the advertisement. People viewing these ads are already members of one paid to click, they will most likely be interested in other paid to click programs. This method will net you usually 2-10 referrals a week depending on the sites you’re using and your efforts. Keep in mind if you have chosen a decent program, referrals will remain active longer.

Stay Active! -
Whatever program or programs you end up choosing to use as your big earner, you will want to remain active at those sites as much as possible, especially if you have referrals or are planning to build referrals. Some of the newer programs like Buxout and Neobux will not credit you your referrals earnings unless you are activily clicking ads yourself.

Ontop of running the risk of not receiving your referral credits, being inactive can lead to your account being disabled, suspended or deleted all together for inactivity. That doesn’t mean you have to login every single day, but at least once or twice a week is sufficient.

Another note on this subject, not only should you be active by clicking ads and earning, but you should keep up with site news or announcements so you know what’s going on with your money.

Instant Cashout vs. Business Days -
Paid to click sites that pay instantly are becoming very popular very fast among the ptc community. Using one of these sites gives you a very good adtange over the typical “bux” sites. We all know after dealing with any bux sites, the wait on business days never adds up and regaurdless of the site, script or staff payments usually end up running behind.

If you’re with an instant cashout site, you don’t have to worry about when you’ll receive your earnings, you can withdraw them instantly at anytime you like.

Using Autoclickers -
Ever since the beginning of the whole paid to click scene, users have been trying to find ways to take advantage of or cheat the system so they can get a few extra cents in their pockets. Whether it be by creating several fictitious accounts on their downline, using autoclickers or a combination of the two.

Thousands of people use autoclickers, but little know the outcome of using these shady pieces of software. Autoclickers maybe free to download but may prove costly to the users in the long run. This just gives a litle insight on why you shouldn’t use autoclickers and some of the risks.

- For starters many and I mean many autoclickers contain harmful software or scripts. The most common software bundle with autoclickers are spyware and adware. Anyone with any computer knowledge know those two little words mean trouble no matter the circumstances.

- On that same note many autoclickers have been found to harvest your personal details such as login information and passwords among other personal details. The autoclicker then relays or sends this information to the author or whomever setup the software, we all know what this can lead to.

- Free autoclickers are available to everyone.. This may seem like a good thing but think about that for a second. If they’re free for everyone to download, you can bet some of the larger PTC owners and staff members have downloaded them and are always creating countermeasures to catch the autoclicker or prevent its use on their site all together.

- Autoclickers don’t always get you banned right away. Just because you have used an autoclicker a few times without any warnings or a ban from a website, doesn’t mean you have not been caught. Most PTC scripts log you as using an autoclicker but the ban never takes place until you request cashouts.

- Some autoclickers are traps. Yep that’s right, some PTC owners actually release autoclickers specificaly for their sites just so they can catch cheaters and potential cheaters and ban them.

- PTC owners are no stranger to the autoclicker websites. Most keep a constant watch on the regular sites and authors that release these types of software and keep up with members, payment proofs and what not on the autoclicker websites. They then cross reference the information with users in their database and take the proper steps in fixing the problem.

- Lastly autoclickers are illegal, these types of programs violate the terms in which you agree to when joining these programs. It is a form of theft and is punishable by law and civil law in most countries. It is fraud.